İZA-500 is designed to recycle aluminum composite panels.The composite panels, which are double-sided aluminum and the middle plastic material, are divided into aluminum and plastic based materials with İZA-500.

Aluminum composite panels have been recycled with iza-500 for the first time in the world.There are more than 100 companies in Turkey and abroad such as USA and UK countries use İZA-500.

Excellent results in complex materials

A2 mineral filler - A2 composite embossed aluminum filled, fire resistant B1, polyethylene filled aluface, aluboard composite panels of various marks are recycled with İZA-500.

The definitive solution to the difference of aluminum and polyethylene.

All Aluminum Composite Panels in the range of 3mm-10mm are recycled with İZA-500 technology.

Düşük elektrik tüketimi

Low electricity consumption

Automatic blade adjustment

Aluminum thickness, composite panels which vary according to the material type, do not require an extra adjustment with the automatic knife adjustment system of the iZA-500.

CE certificate and Safety

The necessary precautions have been taken for the safety of our machinery. We have CE declaration which is valid internationally.

Warranty and Technical Support

Our service network and technical team in our country are always in contact with customer satisfaction and machines. Iza 500 is guaranteed to work 3000 hours.