Hp-400 Hydraulic prestry designed to gain volume by compacting aluminum and aluminum-based materials.Aluminum from aluminum composite panels, aluminum-based materials used in the food sector, aluminum in many sectors, especially in the food sector, are used to compress and save volume.

Press production is being done in many places in the world. However, our company has completed the research and development works by taking the characteristics of aluminum into consideration and has produced a customer focused press production.

Imported steels were used against abrasion resistance in the compression function. The hydraulic units with the most problems in presses have been produced specially by increasing the safety coefficient from 1.5 to 2.

High Abrasion resistance

Considering the ductile structure and abrasion resistance of aluminum, hardox sheet materials are used in HP-4000

Our high-pressure working machine was set up to maximize the impermability of the hydraulic couplings to prevent possible hydraulic oil leakage

Remote Control

With the optional remote control, you will not need to be near the hp-400. It can function as a machine for several meters away.

Different sizes

The hp-400, which is designed according to Turkey needs in dimensions of 400mm x 400mm, will be changed to size if necessary and brought to the customers.