Cds-1200; Copper pellets, condensers (cooling units used for air conditioning) into copper and aluminum as two main raw materials.

With a brief description of the condenser; It is formed by curving the copper pipe through the aluminum plate. Nowadays it is used in all places where there are all the air conditioners such as refrigerators, air conditioners, some vehicles' cooling units, cold air stores.

Considering the usage areas of the condensers and the continuity in production, the banner takes place in the recycling sector with an increase rate.

Condensers produced in different sizes according to their usage purposes and capacities have been introduced to the recycling sector in 2016, with nearly one year of R & D work with the CdS-1200, more than ten portable and technological tests.

Cds-1200, which is the only one in the world in terms of technology and function, has already taken its place in many places in our country and has taken its place in the international market.

Exact solution in different sizes ;

The fact that the condensers are in different dimensions due to the structure of the CdS-1200 has reached a precise solution with the adjustable z-axis. Up to 350 mm width and 50 mm thickness can be manufactured according to customer requirements in special need.

(Adjustable Revolution / Speed

Compared to the raw material structure, the speed can be adjusted in the cds-1200 to get better results. The values determined by our company according to the types of condensers are programmed into the machine's computer and provided with the instruction manual for the tenacious documents.

Led Panel

All electronic panels, parameters, ambient temperature, operating instructions, operating hours and remote machine connection devices are fully integrated in the led panel. The unit which can be controlled by GSM and smart phone will provide extraordinary facilities with iza-gsm led tenology.


The CD-1200 CE declaration provided by our company is to prevent work-related accidents that may occur with electronic sensors. If there is any problem in the work safety facility, the machine will turn itself off and send a warning to the led screen. The motion sensitive sensors and the torque sensitive mechanism completely eliminate the business accident.

Warranty and service network

The Cds-1200 is guaranteed for 3,000 hours flexibly in different operating conditions.